Thursday, August 11, 2011

California is....

1. Eating the most amazing food

2. Living with and within walking distance to my favorite people

3. Ocean breezes

4. My mom's cooking

5. The blue skies and blue, blue ocean

6. Doing absolutely nothing but lounging and relaxing

7. Wearing my hair down for the first time in months

8. Being pampered

9. Enjoying driving in the wide, wide lanes

10. Feeling loved

Pictures of select outings (such as the murder mystery dinner we went to in Long Beach where Hunter... aka Horace Bixby... won the whole shebang) may be coming soon...

Regular blogging will commence tomorrow!

Image: Hunter and I engaged and at the beach a couple summers ago (taken by Stephanie Williams)


Bud and Leo said...

Love the photo! Sounds like you had a great time!

Wander.Lust said...

oooh this is such a great "love letter" about california! hope you enjoyed your visit :)

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