Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And The Award Goes To....

Last week I received an award from my dear blogging friend, Starlet! I've been reading her blog, Can you come home, for some time now and love reading about her adventures in gardening and looking at all the beautiful photos she posts of the things her garden produces. Makes me wish I had a backyard! I also love her posts on fashion and always leave feeling inspired. Here are the rules of the award:

1. Thank the presenter(s) with a linking post
2. Dish 7 things (or more) about yourself
3. Share the award with 10-15 other bloggers

Okay. My Seven Things:

1. I am obsessed with dogs. So is my neighborhood. Therefore, my dog fever is at an all-time high (There's even a dog halloween costume parade at the park down the street!).

2. I believe nothing cures a bad day better than Pride and Prejudice (the five hour version) and Ben & Jerrys.

3. If there is salmon on the menu, I am 90% likely to order it.

4. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I even started a club called "Harry Potter Nation" with my BFF Andie in high school!

5. When we were dating, Hunter and I saw Kanye West and Rihanna in concert. It was totally out of character for us, but so much fun.

6. I have an alarmingly high WPM - my personal best is 130, though I usually land in the early 100s. I also rarely lose at thumb war. Are these connected? You be the judge.

7. The ocean truly takes my breathe away.

Now that I've shared my seven, I'd love to hear from some of my favorite bloggers. Passing on the award to...:

2. Kelli and Lisa from Bud and Leo
3. Mandy from Dash it All
4. Pilar from Wander.Lust
5. Kimia from Alkeemi
6. C from Buscut
7. Maggie from Sheep are Forever
8. Shin from Fashion Cappuccino
9. Amber from the great ambino

I expect lots of hilarious/inspiring posts from that group - though please feel no pressure! I know you've all got a lot on your plates.


mandyface said...

Yay the shout out! Can you believe I've never seen the 5hr version?? And I consider myself a p&p fanatic! I need to get on that ASAP!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Thank you so much Lisa! So sweet of you! I'm also a big fan of Pride and Prejudice! And Harry Potter...I love re-reading the books again and again! xoxoxoo

Bud and Leo said...

Thank you so much for choosing Bud & Leo! We LOVE your blog!

Kelli and Lisa

C said...

LOL! I didnt see that till today!
Gotta think about it and I'll post next week! thank you sweetie, you are fabULOUS!
lots of hugs from Barcelona

Kimia Kline said...

many thanks for this darling :) and for including my painting!

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