Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm a sucker for a brown leather couch

Love all the brown leather and vintage/modern style in model Anouck Lepére's apartment in Antwerp.

Images: Estelle Hanania for Nowness, via Abundance


Marianne M. said...

Isn't it ironical that i have a brown leather couch in my house? my mom is a sucker for them, she wanted it for years but they are expensive so we had to save money, and now we have it, finally, but it doesnt' really match our decoration, still that's not the item's fault but my mom's complete luck of decoration skills
lol ok now i will stop talking
i am not sure if you have ikea there but they sell affordable ones, i guess you have wal-mart even though i don't know if it does sell, i've never been to usa, i just see many american movies, lol
ok now i shut up

danellekim said...

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leatherrepairs said...

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