Monday, January 2, 2012

So this is the New Year...

So I was hoping my New Years Eve would turn out something like this:

But instead it ended up being more like this:

I ended up sleeping through midnight due to the amazing Theraflu. Luckily, I am feeling A LOT better - though a little bummed I missed out on food and fireworks Saturday night.

Inspired by Mandy's awesome card, posted over at Dash It All, I've decided 2012 will be the year of firsts, fun, frugality, fitness, faithfulness, festivities, friendship and fabulousness! Notice there is no mention of the flu - let's keep it that way, 2012 :).

1 comment:

Bud and Leo said...

haha I was out before midnight too- I'm getting old :). And love your inspiration from Mandy's! If I were clever enough I'd do it too! Happy New Year! :)

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