Friday, May 13, 2011

Chunky Knits

I come from a family of knitters and have modeled/worn/knitted many a chunky knit. Nothing as extravagant as this work of art (which I would gladly throw out my snuggie for)(just kidding, I don't really own a snuggie, but if I did...), but much more than the average 23 year old. Last summer I came across the beautiful work of Christien Meinderstma:

She makes these amazing urchin poufs that, for lack of better words, I die for. Unfortunately, they are very much outside of my budget. So I can't help wondering... how does one get into the business of creating such beautiful, chunky knits? Surely, knitting needles aren't sold that large. And then I saw this DIY youtube video:

PVC tubes, here I come!

Images 1-2: Johan Ku, via Abundance; Images 3-5: Christien Meinderstma, via Anthology

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