Sunday, April 22, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about where one starts when decorating a home. Some people find one amazing piece and decorate around that. Some people choose a color palette and go from there. Another group of people begin by identifying a style (bohemian, classic, modern, vintage, etc.) and choose pieces accordingly. Then there is Joy Thigpen. Wedding extraordinaire and editor of Once Wed (my favorite place for wedspiration when I was planning my own wedding), she planned and decorated her home around a song: Mushaboom by Feist.

She wanted her home to be a lighthearted and playful place for her two young children (how awesome would it be to grow up in that rainbow room??!):

So, here's a question to get you thinking: If you were to choose a song to inspire your home, what would it be? I keep bouncing around between something very soothing and calm and something very positive and up beat.  

For more details, see Design*Sponge's home tour, here and Joy Thigpen's blog, found here.

Images: Amy Azzarito for Design*Sponge


Kim Grey said...

What a fabulous idea for design inspiration! Yes, that rainbow room is adorable for a child.

I would have to choose "Come Into My World" by Kylie Minogue for my song inspiration, for my dream home. I'm not exactly sure how that would translate into room designs, but the song makes me smile.

his little lady said...

what beautiful designs! and i just adore feist!!!

Daisy said...

I would have to say "Call me maybe"... I'm totally kidding, my husband would kill me. I like Good morning beautiful. I'm a country girl at heart. Glad I found your blog, I'm California too :)

Rosalyn K. said...

love these new ideas for decorating my home..and I love that you love to use color!!!

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