Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ever heard of thundersnow?

Yeah, me neither. Until I had to walk from the metro to my apartment in it yesterday. It was not as fun as this snowball fight in Dupont Circle, but still kind of cool to say I walked home in "thundersnow". Luckily I did not lose power, but I did lose internet connection (which is why there aren't my usual posts today). Hope you all are warm, wherever you are!

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hanner said...

so i walked all the way to the book club in the thundersnow to find out it was postponed till next week. i'd rather be throwing snowballs in dupont.

Lisa Maria said...

HANNAH!!! That sucks so bad - I didn't even see the e-mail about that (?). I'd completely understand if you're bitter about thundersnow now. Were you guys okay on power and whatnot?

Kevin said...

OC weather....just saying.. maybe its time to visit.
Feels like 70°F
Tonight, wear a jacket, and leave your umbrella at home.
* Wind: N/A at N/A mph
* UV Index: 0 Low
* Humidity: N/A%
* Sun rises at 6:53 AM
* Precipitations: 0%
* and sets at 5:19 PM

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