Monday, June 20, 2011

The funk

I'm been in this weird funk today, so instead of my usual post I'm going to list things that have been making me happy lately. Apparently, that's supposed to make you feel better or something? Anyway, here goes:

1. This funny:

2. This quote from idol Amy Poehler, reminding me not to be self conscious about being silly.

“I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.” —Amy Poehler

3. This poster of rebellion. I honestly love a good rebellion.

4. Baby hedgehogs. I google image them aaallll the time.

5. Watching favorite movies/tv episodes over and over again and then "listening to angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion."

6. Prepping for the midnight showing of this gem:

And that's about it for now. Hope you all are having a good day!

Images: All via my Pinterest

1 comment:

nomadic gnome said...

totally! i'm so much in a funk today. thanks for sharing your images, especially the dog poster and the baby hedgehog. i had no idea those little babes were so adorable!
i hope we find our way out of our weird funks. boo.

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